Descubriendo Indy completes 11th year

After four weeks of field trips, food and fun, the 2017 edition of Descubriendo Indy has come to an end. We look forward to Desubriendo every year, and this summer was no different. Since Descubriendo began in the summer of 2004, it has alway strived to take children to discover parts of Indianapolis they may not get the opportunity to see otherwise. Thanks to the generosity of our donors (Lilly Endowment, Metro Ministries, Chapel Hill UMC, Elizabeth Harmon and SBS Enviornmental LLC) we were once again able to offer the camp entirely for free to all of our attendees.

Everyday would begin with breakfast and was followed by literacy stations where campers worked on projects around our camp’s theme: Dogs. Children wrote and illustrated their own stories, wrote letters to the authors of their favorite books and researched different dog breeds in the computer lab. Every day would involve a field trip to get lunch and see a different part of the city. After traveling back home, the day would end with journaling and reflection on our favorite parts of the day.

Please enjoy the photo gallery below of some of our favorite moments from the past summer!



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One thought on “Descubriendo Indy completes 11th year

  • We had so much fun and are extremely grateful to our funders and volunteers who made it all possible. The fact that we have the cutest kids ever in our group makes being one of the leaders especially enjoyable!!


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